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This plugin allows you to create shell scripts that respond to unique URLs. These scripts can be particularly useful for deploying your plugins and themes.

With that said, use your head. Don't expose your site to massive security problems by allowing malicious code into your scripts.

GitHub "push to deploy" example

In this example, we'll walk through a basic "push to deploy" example. It is written for GitHub, but the process is roughly the same everywhere. In this example, we'll assume that you've already installed a plugin via GitHub, and have access to the repository settings.

First things first, navigate to /backend/bedard/webhooks/hooks and create a new webhook. The script will be pretty simple for this, just cd into your plugin directory and pull.

cd plugins/bedard/webhooks
git pull

Next copy the webhook's URL by clicking on token value in the URL column. Now we can head over to our repository on github and instruct it to let us know about push events. To do this, click Settings, Webhooks & Services, Add webhook. Fill out the form, and we're done. Our plugin will now update itself whenever code is pushed.


Fix MySQL strict-mode error

Apr 05, 2016


First version of Webhook

Mar 25, 2016