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This plugin is an extension to the Mja.Testimonials plugin. This extension enables uploading photo for testimonials.


This plugin requires Mja.Testimonials, so make sure you have that installed.

Go to System - Updates and in the search field enter ArrizalAmin.PhotoTestimonials


Copy /plugins/mja/testimonials/components/testimonials/default.htm to your themes partials/testimonials folder. Where you want your image, add:

{% for testimonial in testimonials %}
    <div class="col-md-6">
        <figure class="photo">
            <img src="{{ testimonial.photo.path }}" alt="">
        <div class="context">
            <div class="inner">
                <blockquote>{{ testimonial.content|raw }}</blockquote>
                {% if testimonial.author %}
                <p class="who">{{ testimonial.author }}</p>
                {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

Remember that you can format it any way you like.


First version of PhotoTestimonials

May 23, 2015