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Almost all sites are filled in copy-paste way. This plugin will create an annoying additional problem - copyright link after copying. It's obvious that an advanced user can disable any javascript or copy content through the source code of the page. But there're not many of them. Most content managers use only ctrl+c and ctrl+v combinations. In this case your site will become unattractive for copying. A thief will have to clean text before inserting. And if he forgets to do this, then you will have an additional link to your resource, which will promote you on SEO.


Attention!!! Copyright protection is disabled for superusers.

The plugin starts working immediately after installation. Now it has three options in the settings page:

  • additional text
  • exclude roles
  • exclude paths

In additional text you can use variables:

  • #TITLE# - current page title
  • #URL# - current page url
  • #HOST# - domain
  • #BRAND# - application name

You can disable adding copyright link for different groups of users. Also you can fill "exclude path" field to disable copyright defending on certain pages.

Additional text will be added only if you are copying page content (not layout). A layout often contains phone and other contact information. So, there is no need to add a copyright text to them while copying.


Plugin has settings page with configurable permissions.

  • Found the plugin useful on 23 Dec, 2018

    Unfortunately, site returns 200 OK on all pages (even not exisiting) with this plugin because of cms.page.display listener. It should be checking 404 status

  • author

    Replied on 23 Dec, 2018

    Thank you, Denis! I fixed the bug, you can update plugin to version 1.0.2


Fixed bug with 404 error status code

Dec 23, 2018


Initialize plugin.

Sep 11, 2018