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OctoberCMS VK Widgets plugin

The compact and recognizable — add VK widgets to your site to increase visitors activity.

Available components:


This enables VK users to comment on your materials without having to register on your site.

"Community Messages"

With the help of "Community Messages" widget you can create a fast tool for communication with VK users and add it to your website.


You will allow VK users to share links to your materials with their friends.


A Community widget links your site with your VK community. Your users will be able to subscribe to your VK feed without leaving the page.

Available languages:

  • English
  • Русский
"Community" backend

Quickstart guide:

  1. Go to the 'System' tab in October, and install the plugin using the AlexLit.VkWidgets code.
  2. After installation has finished a new component will appear in under Octobers 'CMS > Components' tab. You have the option to add this to only one page, or add it to a layout making it appear on all pages that use the layout. Whichever you chose the instructions are the same.
  3. Open the your selected page/layout, and add the component to it.
  4. Add component code anywhere on the page/layout.
  5. That's it. You now have a working VK Widget on your page. It has no outside dependencies, so you don't have to worry about anything else.

Components options



{% component 'vkComments' %}


  • Open API ID: Your API ID (Get API ID)
  • Limit: Number of comments on the page (integer 5-100)
  • Attach: Allows attachments in comments. String containing comma-separated types of acceptable attachments or false if media comments are disabled. Available types: graffiti, photo, audio, video, link
  • Width: Sets module width in pixels (integer > 300)
  • Height: Sets maximum height of the widget in pixels. Integer > 500. If 0, widget height is unlimited. If widget content is larger than the maximum allowed, internal scrolling appears
  • Auto Publish: Automatically publish the comment to the users VK page
  • Mini Version: Enables the mini version of the widget — smaller fonts, smaller attachment thumbnails, smaller profile pcitures in second level comments
  • Realtime Updates: Realtime updates for the comments
  • URL of the page: URL of the page, containing the widget. Comments that are automatically posted to the users VK page link to this URL, if autoPublish is enabled

"Community Messages"


{% component 'vkCommunityMessages' %}


  • Page or Group ID: Community id the widget will be created for
  • Position: Button position (left or right)
  • Expand in: Expanding widget
  • Open with sound: Enable sound when widget is expanding
  • New message sound: New message notification sound
  • Tooltip: Enable a tooltip
  • Tooltip text: Community id the widget will be created for
  • Element ID: Element ID (optional)



{% component 'vkShare' %}


  • Style: Widget layout
  • Text: Button text
  • Link: Page link (optional)
  • Element ID: Element ID (optional)



{% component 'vkCommunity' %}


  • Сommunity ID: VK community ID
  • Layout: "Members" - display community members, "Name only" — display community name only, "News" — display community feed
  • Width: Sets module width in pixels (integer more than 120). If value is auto it adjusts to the module width
  • Height: Sets module height in pixels (integer from 200 to 600)
  • Background color: Widget background color in RRGGBB format
  • Text color: Text color in RRGGBB format
  • Buttons color: Button color in RRGGBB format
  • Wide mode: Disabled — standard mode. Enabled — if feed is displayed, posts in this mode are displayed with the community photo and Like counts
  • Element ID: Element ID (optional)

Fixed bug when plugin was not working on a live site

Jun 01, 2017


Add "Comments" widget

Feb 14, 2017


Add images to github readme

Feb 07, 2017


Minor translation and documentation changes

Jan 31, 2017


Add "Community Messages" widget

Jan 30, 2017


Add "Share" widget

Jan 30, 2017


First version of VkWidgets

Jan 27, 2017