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Send your travel package offers in an easy, secure and fast way through email to your user database. Mailing Travel will help you to have greater possibilities of sales and loyalty of your customers. Email is a very powerful tool for marketing if you know how to use it correctly.
This solution will help you to let your clients know the variety of offers that your travel agency has. This translates into a higher percentage of possible sales and a greater fidelity of its client portfolio.


- Management of basic information of clients, emails, addresses and telephones
- Management of user groups
- Travel package management
- Send packages to all users, groups or specific users
- Available in English and Spanish

General Information

It is recommended the use of specialized platforms for sending mass emails such as Mailgun, AWS or others.
All the configuration of the mailing is done through the October CMS platform: Settings> Mail Configuration

To install the plugin go to Updates & Plugin> Install Plugin and type Aldea.Travel

Once installed, you will have two main menus: Customer and Packages


From here you can manage everything related to your customers. You can add basic information, multiple emails, physical addresses and telephones. You can also create customer groups and assign these groups to each of your customers.


From here you can manage everything related to the packages of available offers. You will also have the possibility of mass sending these packages either to the entire user database, to a group of clients or to a specific client.

Mail template

The plugin uses the template system by "Default" of October CMS. It is planned to add the possibility of customizing this and other aspects in the near future.


It is important that you use a service that allows you to send emails in bulk and not directly from your server. There are a variety of services that can help you perform this task. The use of MailgĂșn or AWS is recommended since it has native support from the October CMS itself.

If you have any doubt or question, do not hesitate to ask in the forum in the corresponding thread. I will be very pleased to answer any questions.


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