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Backend Google Maps

Easily and quickly integrate a Google Maps field into your Backend Forms.

This plugin provides a Form Widget to integrate a Google Maps map to a Backend Form in a simple and fast way. Additionally, there is a component to display the map in the frontend of the website.



  • Integrate a Google Maps map into your Backend Forms.
  • Display the map in the frontend of the website.

If you want to help adding features, any contribution in the official Github repository will be of great help.

Usage in backend form


To install this plugin you have to click on add to project or need to type aldea.backendmaps in Backend System > updates > intall plugin


To configure this Plugin goto Backend System then find MISC in left side bar, then click on Backend Google Maps , you will get Configuration options (refer screenshots)


On the Backend Forms

Create a field type backendmaps in the fields.yaml file of the model where you want to store the latitude and longitude of a Google Maps location.

    label: 'Google Maps'
    oc.commentPosition: ''
    span: left
    type: backendmaps
On the Frontend
width = '500%'
height = '500px'
mapTypeId = 'TERRAIN'
zoom = 14
showMarker = 1
animateMarker = 1
{% component 'gmap' %}

Minimal corrections in the location of the map.

Mar 23, 2018


Now it is already possible to instantiate more than one map in the same view.

Mar 22, 2018


git - The gmap component is added to display the map in the frontend.

Dec 06, 2017


First version of Backend Google Maps

Dec 06, 2017