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What does this plugin do?

Provides the ability to quickly add a cross-site banner using a component.

Why would I use this plugin?

Helpful for quick announcements that all website visitors must see. For small business, this is useful if an early closure due to weather or other reason. For larger businesses, this is useful if there a service outage or increased ticket wait times.

Are there any requirements for this plugin?

You'll need to add the component 'Snow Day Banner' to your theme. It is recommended to add this to a theme's layout, but it can be added to a page if desired. You can have the component added without the banner displaying--the purpose is to enable/disable it from the settings.

Future plans

  • Add setting for allowing users to dismiss the banner
  • Feel free to make requests by emailing them to support@albrightlabs.com

How do I configure this plugin?

From the admin area, go to Settings > Snow Day Banner and configure the plugin.

Explanation of settings

  • Enable the Snow Day Banner's visibility
  • Manage the content of the banner (supports raw HTML; it's recommended to keep the banner simple)
  • Add any custom CSS

Sixth version of Snow Day

Nov 10, 2023


Fifth version of Snow Day

Aug 10, 2023


Fourth version of Snow Day

Aug 10, 2023


Third version of Snow Day

Jan 24, 2023


Second version of SnowDay

Nov 04, 2022


First version of SnowDay

May 11, 2022