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What does this plugin do?

This plugin provides the ability to manage front-end redirects via the settings area.

Why would I use this plugin?

This plugin is helpful for temporarily or permanently redirecting front-end traffic to one URL to another URL.

Are there any requirements for this plugin?

After installation, go to Settings > Redirects and add or import redirects.

Future plans

Review existing redirects

How do I configure this plugin?

  • After installation, go to Settings > Redirects
  • Start adding redirects manually by selecting new redirect, providing a to and from URL
  • Start adding redirects in bulk by selecting import redirects and uploading a CSV of multiple to and from URLs

Explanation of settings

  • The only settings for this plugin are the management of the URLs to redirect to/from themselves
  • Each redirect can have a description added to it (this is only for record-keeping purposes)

Create redirects table

Nov 13, 2022


First version of Redirects

Nov 13, 2022