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What does this plugin do?

Provides the ability to mask form fields using the ignorescobar jquery mask plugin.

Why would I use this plugin?

Helpful if you have many form fields that require some specific formatting for consistency.

Are there any requirements for this plugin?

None other than adding the desired mask class to the cssClass config for a specific October CMS form field. For example, adding cssClass: mask-phone_us will mask the form field as a US phone number.

Future plans

  • None at this time but please send suggestions to support@albrightlabs.com.

How do I install this plugin?

  1. Clone this repository into plugins/albrightlabs/fieldmasking
  2. Run the console command php artisan october:migrate
  3. Add any class found in the docs to an October CMS form field in the cssClass config with the prefix mask-.

How do I update this plugin?

Run either of the following commands:

  • From the project root, run php artisan october:util git pull
  • From the plugin root, run git pull

Third version of FieldMasking

Aug 10, 2023


Bumps version of FieldMasking

Jun 23, 2023


First version of FieldMasking

May 07, 2023