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We are happy to offer You an easy-to-use and flexible module for creating a lexicon with an alphabetic filter and a fast search on Your website.


  1. Automatic distribution of articles alphabetically when they are added
  2. Set an alphabet in any language
  3. Addition of Images
  4. Individual metadata for every article
  5. Sort the articles by alphabet
  6. Ability to search articles by name
  7. Flexible settings of page-by-page navigation

Available languages

  1. en - English
  2. de - German
  3. ru - Russian


After a successful installation of the Glossary module, go to the administrative section, then to settings Admin->Settings->Glossary->Settings and set up the plugin.

Insert an alphabet in the Alphabet.



Then go to the Glossary module and add a few articles (Attention: the first letter in the name must be capitalized)

Now go to the CMS section, add the Articles page and add the component “Glossary -> Articles”

URL: "/articles"


<div class="container">
    <div class="row">
        {% component 'articles' %}

Add one more page and call it “Article”, the URL must be:


Add the component “Glossary -> Article” and connect it in the code. Example:

<div class="container">
    <div class="row">
        {% component 'article' %}

Pagination upgrading

Mar 11, 2015


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Mar 03, 2015


First version of Glossary

Mar 03, 2015