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Jump in. Make Waves.

Your website is your business's greatest marketing tool.

It's a storefront that's always open. A lead generation machine that never goes to sleep. The first place potential customers turn to learn more about your company.

But it's becoming increasingly hard to stand out online.

The web is full of cookie-cutter sites and lookalike social media profiles. No matter what industry you're in, the digital space is crowded with competitors. Buying an off-the-shelf template, putting up a site, and hoping customers will find you is no longer a viable strategy. What's worse—a website that's hard to navigate or never updated can actually hurt your sales.

You need to stand out. That's where we come in.

45° North Creative is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping small & midsized businesses break out of the pack. Instead of copying what every other studio does, we collaborate with our clients to come up with bold strategies, designed around the things that make their businesses unique.

Here's what we've already done for our amazing clients:

The vast majority of our clients also opt for us to manage their websites. Website management includes hosting, ongoing SEO work, updates, and technical support. It's a convenient (and affordable) solution that gives you peace of mind and frees up valuable time that you could spend building your business.

Visit our website or call us today at 248-270-8333 for a free consultation on your project.

October CMS

As you might've guessed, we design 100% custom sites based on October CMS.

Why October? It's all about giving our customers a quick, powerful way to make changes to their site. Unlike WordPress and other first-generation content management systems, October is lean, highly customizable, and secure by design.

Non-technical users love its easy-to-understand admin panel. Coders like us appreciate how easy it is to design a theme and create custom features.

If you already have an October CMS-based site, we'd love to help you improve and maintain it.

If you're considering October CMS but currently on another platform, we can take care of migrating your content over.

We've been building websites and custom web applications with PHP since 2012, and we use Laravel (the framework that October is based on) in a lot of client projects. That means your business will be in good hands with us!


We love building eye-catching websites for our customers. But an awesome website is only the first step to building a standout web presence.

45° North Creative offers a variety of services to help our clients succeed and thrive online. Read more about them here:

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