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2V Modules is a fully-remote development-focused agency managed by an experienced developer. We have the backend and full-stack developers, we love our work and we are good at it!

We love Laravel and Laravel-based projects such as OctoberCMS and use them in our projects.

We have two different approaches to our work:

Approach Description
Outstaffing You'll be working directly with one of the developers as if they are part of your team. This is good when you have a technical understanding or existing team but you need more work to be done
Outsourcing This is mostly the same, but when the project is large enough, we arrange a small internal team of 2-4 developers and it's managed by a team-lead & PM. It's a good fit if you what a project to be done end-to-end or you do not have technical experts on your end and want us to manage the whole process.

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