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Troiscent said:

I agree, same for number textfield. You have an option in settings to define your o...

Posted in Why is content of the datepicker form in the backend aligned to the right? [resolved]

The only thing I can say is test it. Create 2 plugins, one pulling in one version, the other a di...

Posted in Multiple versions of same dependency

hmm, ok I will add this feature in the next version.

Posted in Allow creation of Mailto links

I try to re-create the issue but I don't find it.

I checked with the chrome ...

Posted in Z-index problem with richeditor

setianke35948 said:

Thank you - I already did those necessary stats described in the video and usin...

Posted in Plugin does not work

Wow - thank you so much for such a fast response - any way of showing my appreciation?

Thanks for...

Posted in Plugin does not work

Okay, I have updated the plugin. Please install it again from the marketplace.


Posted in Plugin does not work

if you are implementing FormBehavior then write this code in your controller constructor


Posted in a widget with class name 'dashboardFiles' has not been bound to the controller