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Neither for me... Did anybody find a solution?

Posted in Translatable field not working

HI Paco, sorry to hear that, I tried it, you're right. it is probably a Laravel issue, I use SASS co...

Posted in Theme broken with php 7.4

Hi! You have suffix and pathdiff fields in table type defined as "integer", so it is not possible to...

Posted in Pls. explain the settings

Hi! Thanks for the plugin, but I am a little bit lost in settings: How can I make that each domain u...

Posted in Follow links on theme

Please, try to add width/height crop option. Otherwise great deal, thanks.

Posted in Thumbnail generation for media library images

Exception after update to ver. 1.2.8
plugins/indikator/news/models/Post.php line 44

Posted in Access to undeclared static property: Indikator\News\Models\Post::$allowedSortingOptions

How to display image related to a post?

Posted in Display image

Vojta Svoboda said:

It works fine, I try it now. Just make copy of these files: /modules/backend/la...

Posted in How to setup a localization site with Octobercms?

I solved this as "temporary" solution, but it works. You have put on every page php code similar to ...

Posted in Translation of Page Titles?

What about $this->page['baseFileName']

Posted in Using current Page URL as component parameter