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Why? Is there some problem with the installation?

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Add plugin to the project, which is attached in your Backend > Settings section.

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Hi, there is no mail when changing status of the reservation.

Posted in Confirmation / cancellation e-mail for customer.

Hi, yes Reservations keeps only start date. You can easily extend Reservations plugin, and add nulla...

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Please send screenshot from your web and from CMS, how you're inserting component to the page. Thank...

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Is this problem present also at http://demo.lyrathemes.com/vega/? I'm just wondering if this is some...

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Sorry for the delay. Saving empty value is fixed in 1.1.3.

Posted in SQL error when unit base price is left blank

I've updated FullCalendar to the version 2.9.1 and it seems to fix the problem. Could you guys pleas...

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Hi Mr. Hound, feel free to send pull request and I will merge it as usual :-)

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Pull request still open :-( https://github.com/LaminSanneh/Octobercms-Fantastic-Faq-Plugin/pull/7

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