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Thank you for reporting your issue. We will look into it.

Posted in Bug on redirecting subdomains

The migration will add the column vdlp-twofactorauthentication_google2fa_secret to backend_users tab...

Posted in Plugin installation fails

offline said:


Thank you for updating the plugin.

p.s. Thanks for all your hard work with all ...

Posted in Security issue with autocomplete turned on

Not sure if this is a "high risk" security issue, but I agree with you this data should not be store...

Posted in Security issue with autocomplete turned on

Make sure the "Redirect Conditions" plugin is enabled in the Settings > Updates section.

If that doe...

Posted in Updated This Plugin But There is no Tab Options as showed screenshot

At this moment there's no support for third party 2FA providers.

If this is something you need for y...

Posted in Using 3rd Party SMS Gateway

You need to install Vdlp.Import first before installing any extension plugins.

Posted in Impossible to install

I'm not sure what you mean by "TurnSecurity" settings?

Can you provide me some screenshots?

Posted in It seems like there is 2 2FA mechanism now?

Out-of-the-box this plugin will support only the default export format of WordPress.

We have made it...

Posted in Does this plugin support also importing Multilanguagal posts from WPML?

Please check the documentation here: https://octobercms.com/plugin/vdlp-import

Posted in How to add Pages driver?