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I'm trying to use your plugin in an october fresh install. Installed it throught the backend,...

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I'm trying to write a plugin that organise the backend settings menu in a different way.

To b...

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I'm also interested by a live demo before buying. It seems we can't PM you using october cms profile...

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In my opinion, you uploaded that plugins using the backend upload feature. Unfortunately, the backen...

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I created a relation with pivot data. I have an order model that can reference several produc...

Posted in Create a relation to the same model ID several times


I need to alter a form of a relation manager to dynamically add fields depending on some cond...

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I have a model defined like that :

  • A product has many references
  • A reference belong to a pro...

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There is a quite old issue on github that I could confirm. As the post didn't get any answer,...

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No news since more than 6 month, would be great to have a some news about pond.

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