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I have same problem.

Posted in Error Class web does not exist

any solution for this?

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RainLab.Builder is a developer tool, why do you put it as dependency? I think there is no relevancy....

Posted in Why do you put RainLab.Builder as dependency?

Me too

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I need this too. :)

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Hey master,

Maybe this solution can help you:

    public function boot()
        // Global var...

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Yes, here is the error

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The RainLab.GoogleAnalytics is using the latest version of Google PHP library. How to resolve this? ...

Posted in Conflict with RainLab.GoogleAnalytics

Don't forget to add this:

use Symfony\Component\Console\Output\ConsoleOutput;

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maxDubovsky said:

I think I ran into the same problem some time ago and solve it writing my own wid...

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