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Anyone solved this ? I can't get date printed in an other language than English, how to switch ?

Posted in Print date in a localized manner, without using setlocale

Thanks ! It's work also for me on dev environment, just a small bug while running on apache server (...

Posted in File upload error

The slug is a part of the page proprety, so you should be able to get like this :

public $page_slug;...

Posted in Getting slug value

@Mohsin is it possible to have access to the code of the android app and the october plugin you've b...

Posted in REST API

Same for me :-) Any progress on this ? I don't understand how to use it in my components... Fixed =>

Posted in Backend file upload widget in a frontend plugin

Hi, how can I use in my component ?

Fixed => Remove Aj...

Posted in Frontend File upload [resolved]

Ok cool ! Van you post it on github ? Or send it to me ? thanks :-)

Posted in Authentication with custom LDAP driver

Same for me :-) any progress ?

Posted in Authentication with custom LDAP driver