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In my case:

Achive it by using 'relationExtendRefreshResults'. Hope this helps.



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andy.carton said:


-) Just use the storm.css markup in your fields.yaml



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s3w47m88 said:

I am beginning development on a Plugin to achieve this.

I have 14 years of WordPress...

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philipptempel said:

Hello everyone, just started evaluating OctoberCMS for our use case with the fo...

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Solve it!

public $belongsToMany = [ 'task' => [ \Bookrr\Keeprr\Models\Task::class, 'table' => 'bookr...

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To get the post value use: post()

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You can also customize and fetch relation by using Attributes in model.

// Model: Customer
public fu...

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jacky30257 said:


another way

   public function formBeforeSave($model){
       $model->xxx= 'xxx...

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