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This message tells you to migrate the database, you can do it on your server console with Compo...

Posted in I can't install october cms 2.x it stop.

Hi you can check this tutorial

Posted in Is October 2 a true flat-file CMS?

Hi, you can set a license key with composer by running php artisan project:set <license key>. https:...

Posted in How to switch the owner of an existing website from one account to another.


thanls a lot for this update :) it works great

best, L

Posted in MLBuilder and default locale


i'm using the ml builder for static pages, and i've seen that the locale picker don't show t...

Posted in MLBuilder and default locale


with BootstrapBuilder 4, we could manage layers with the layer manager. So, i have made a ch...

Posted in Add layer manager to builder

Thanks for your answer, it's perfect :)

Posted in ML builder with repeater

Hello Vladimir,

Thanks for this new version, I'm trying to use the ML builder inside a repeater fie...

Posted in ML builder with repeater


I know i'm asking a lot of improvments, but i really believe that you're plugin is a great t...

Posted in Add image-set generation for bg-images

it seems all good now ! thank you very much

Posted in Waiting TTFB very high since v2.1.6