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Hello everybody. For a new ecommerce project with JK Shop, I need to have the possibility to set Shi...

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Hello everyone! I am currently working on a theme that uses a lot of Setting options in the backend....

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Hello! The Update for the theme is in the marketplace queue. I have added the FrontEnd Editor to the...

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Hello and thank you for your message!

Alpha will get a major update until End of December! I will up...

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carl13 said:

SimpleWeb said:


We have currenctly a bug in our theme! We are working on it! W...

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We have currenctly a bug in our theme! We are working on it! We will fix the bug tomorrow lat...

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How can I remove a block in the FrontEnd Editor?

Thanks for your help!

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There was a mistake in the latest update! I am currently fix it.

Thank you

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I have following error when I try to install the plugin: Aktualisierungsvorgang fehlgeschlagen


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If you need a multilanguage version you can use Rainlab Translate. Here is the plugin link Pl...

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