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I have noticed Laravel 5.2 has an important performance optimization

Posted in When will October be on Laravel 5.2?

i have same problem

Posted in Amazon S3 and/or CDN image linking issue

Allright any time plan ?

Posted in Nice plugin

Is there a plan for workprogress? milestones etc?

Posted in Nice plugin

this fixed create dialog but update dialog is messed

Posted in tabs in backend popup form

i have already checked there, but tree widget is only for list pages. I need this in relation widget...

Posted in Tree view in has many relation widget


I have a nested tree category model and product model.

Product hasMany category relation.


Posted in Tree view in has many relation widget

i need this too

Posted in Relation Manager reordering

it will be awesome i think

Posted in How can i add new fields for System\Models\File modal?

we are waiting for an answer :)

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