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$form->getField('fieldname')->value = "myValue";

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Hi, thanks,

when i use in head

use Ipw\webcontent\Models\Projects;

script return message

Cannot decl...

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Hello, may i ask you, i was tried your scrtipt, but after confirm script return message:

Method [whe...

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$this-> localePicker ->property('language')

Posted in Set component property on template

check this:


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I install IsoGallery by Rebel59 and update isogallery/default.htm

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thanks i need it in the frontend :)

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how can i place the dynamic PHP content to the partial, for example:

{% content 'content_a....

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is there any plugin for dynamic manage "Portfolio" Isotope Gallery from backed on this theme, or...

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exist some plugin for the (animated) pie charts, any idea?



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