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There is a Reattach button in your dashboard.

Posted in Deleting Projects

This would be possible if we added a theme hierarchy where one theme could override the other. This ...

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It uses a heavily customized version of Bootstrap v3

Posted in CSS Framework in backend?.

I doubt anyone has written a plugin for this but you could do it quite easily since October is a fra...

Posted in XML-RPC

A great plugin for this is Tribute by Zurb

Posted in Hyperlinks in caption text

That should be OK to remove it in most cases. You should check with the author to be 100% sure.

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Please send an email using the footer links below.

Posted in Unable to parse Plugin source files, please check the submission.

You should be able to rebind any purchased items to a new project.

Posted in Deleted project and Theme

I think you need to change this config before installation. Technically this version is not supporte...

Posted in SQLSTATE[42000]: because of utf8mb4 encoding

Here is a link to the file: https://github.com/octobercms/october/blob/master/server.php

Posted in Using a local development server with October CMS