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When you install you should be prompted to select the database type. Try this command:

php artisan o...

Posted in About SQLite Installation

October is technically compatible with any front-end system since it has no opinion on this. A quick...

Posted in Nuxt with OCMS

This looks like an issue with your web application configuration, try searching Google or contact yo...

Posted in Problem with install

Send us an email and we should be able to process this for you

Posted in Can plugin authors delete old plugins?

I covered this basic process in the flat-file usage tutorial. It does require a little bit of work t...

Posted in How to make a theme/page like October Docs?

I can't say I've noticed this, but if you can help us reproduce the problem from a fresh install tha...

Posted in Rainlab.Blog - administrator post preview

It's simple to dump a bunch of markdown files in your content directory, read them based on a route ...

Posted in How to make a theme/page like October Docs?

This code should work

<?= $record->day_of_the_week_as_string ?>

However this code will not know abou...

Posted in Eloquent calculated parameters and display in list view

Try something like this

{% set links = [
    { title: 'Home', url: 'home'|page, isActive: true }
] %...

Posted in Checking for Navigation Active State

As far as I know, this has been addressed in recent releases of October CMS, however, you need to ac...

Posted in Symlinks in plugins folder strange behaviour?