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You could access it using the post() or get() helpers.

Posted in Export relationship table when I was using partial in backend Forms


This is one way to do it. Another way might be to extend the form field and replacing the opt...

Posted in How to override get{Attribute}Options() method when extending a model?


In the backend, you can return a redirect response with the Backend::redirect() method. Simpl...

Posted in Plugin: how to redirect back in controller


Check out the Deploy plugin, it was built for cases where SSH is not available on the server....

Posted in Can't install plugins without SSH


Glad to hear you got it sorted!

Posted in sql select column not found


I'm not sure I fully grasp the issue. However, October CMS has a Bracket Parser which could b...

Posted in builder controller output - twig is striping html tags and escaping the rest


Rendering Twig inside Twig is not possible at the moment. We've actually decided not to allow...

Posted in how to Display partial in own plugin?


If I understand correctly, I think this may be possible by creating a menu that just has All ...

Posted in create new URL type in static menus


Sorry to hear you are having difficulty with this. To better understand the issue, where do y...

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