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That helped me, thanks!!

Posted in Export with relations

I struggled with this same issue and could not get any of the above solutions to work.

I did it a d...

Posted in How to update a backend form after adding a relation using the relationRender?

Unfortunately for one site I manage I do not have console access. Is there another fix for this?

-- ...

Posted in Can't save anything in assets folder since update [resolved]

LukeTowers said:

Try updating to v1.1 via composer

I am still having this problem with build 469 a...

Posted in Can't save anything in assets folder since update [resolved]

Hi there, and thanks for the great plugin!

I was wondering if there was a way to test the WebP conve...

Posted in Automatic WebP conversion Test?

Hi Tim,

Actually no I do not have that class. This is the entire install:

Posted in Class missing?

HEllo, When I run this I get:

"Class 'Barryvdh\Queue\Connectors\AsyncConnector' not found" on line 6...

Posted in Class missing?

I noticed that the generated recurring events would only save the last additional language in the sy...

Posted in Generated events not storing translations for 3rd or more language - here's the fix

I had this problem too, and I fixed it by changing the name of the folder


Posted in [2.8.1] - Unable to find configuration file config_form.yaml defined for Backend\Behaviors\FormController.

I got this when I had an installation attached to a project, but the project had been deleted. So I ...

Posted in Cryptic error when checking for October updates: "Trying to get property of non-object"