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No, there is no padding included in slider.

It depends on parent wrapper of slider component.

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You can create number of new sliders from back-end and then select particular slider from rjslider c...

Posted in RJ Slider how to add images to slider?

Upgrade to the latest version v1.0.5, Uncaught ReferenceError issue is solved. Uncaught ReferenceErr...

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Check for jssor.slider.min.js reference in page source, may be the javascript for the slider not loa...

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It's not possible yet, because images are not static. Component takes the path from database and loa...

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idGallery is the name of gallery that you have created from backend, it's not an id of gallery.


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Yes, You can add gallery component to post and select any available gallery you have created. In you...

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thanks... :)

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