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A bit late but in case someone get the same issue if you wanted the home page of the blog to not req...

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How can we select our own custom content-type? I need to return: text/cache-manifest

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I have same issue. When I access a CSS/JS file, the Cache-Control header is private, must-revalidate...

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Is there a way to disable cookies on the frontend?

Regards Huy

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No worries, I created my own plugin to handle that. Will share later

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Would it be possible to override it via the "Code" tab of a page in the CMS?

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In components/comments/default.htm You should replace http://www.intensedebate.com/js/genericCom...

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Hmmm, not very practical. But thanks

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Is there a way to configure the built-in editor or add a plugin to it so that you can have short cut...

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All my pages are returning the header Cache-Control: no-cache How can I configure this?


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