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All good. It works as it should. Thank you.

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Thank you. It works in the 'backend.form.extendFieldsBefore' event. When I try the same in the 'back...

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is there a way to dynamically change the modelClass property on the RecordFinder widget?


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From documentation:

Functional tests can be performed by running phpunit in the /tests/functional di...

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When creating the record you can find your fields in post() array

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Hi, how did you end up solving this problem?

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Thanks for the update. I think it is a great plugin and I see it is still a work in progress.

I hav...

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I have managed to implement some functionality for testing purposes. I will update the plugin with y...

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Hi, does is support rendering relations? I get the following error:

An exception has been thrown dur...

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Hello, could you exclude unpublished posts from your queries?

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