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Thanks @alxy! That's far much simpler. I have been looking for such a method all over the web includ...

Posted in HOW TO get current page number

In PHP code section:

function onStart() {
    $this['url'] = $this->currentPageUrl()
    $array = ex...

Posted in HOW TO get current page number

I've built a plugin using the Rainlab Builder and populated the backend with some rows of data. The ...

Posted in How to filter records with a drop-down on a CMS page

Place your robots.txt file at the root of your site and paste this in your .htaccess file after the ...

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Thanks lenguyenx, was also facing the same issue during installation. I removed the brackets from th...

Posted in Brand new installation failed with error message

I got the same error too. Any resolution

Posted in Download file?

None of the above methods have worked for me...

Posted in Nested Tree Error

Has anyone found a solution for this. Am thinking of creating a blank page displaying the desired ga...

Posted in Showing gallery in posts

Here is a quick tutorial.

STEP 1 : In your theme root directory, execute 'npm init' to create the pa...

Posted in How to compile theme.less?

I think using grunt is the best option as its easy to use once its setup.

Posted in How to compile theme.less?