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There is an extra </script> tag at the end of the main.htm file. Please fix it.

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No, Auth::check() won't work in routes because there is no session available there. You have to auth...

Posted in Why can't use the Auth Class, how to use auth for front-end user?

If user is registered for the first time, I want to redirect them to the "Edit Profile" page so that...

Posted in How to know whether user was logged in or registered?

I had the same problem with Google login and got the following error in the system's event log:


Posted in Does not log user in

So, your plugin is the same as Responsiv Uploader right now?

Posted in How is your plugin different from the original one?

As you have said already, you have modified the Responsiv Uploader free plugin. But what have you ad...

Posted in How is your plugin different from the original one?

I have the same problem. How should traits be added to an existing model while extending plugins?

I ...

Posted in Extend plugin using sluggable trait

Why don't you use readOnly?

        label: Title
        span: auto

Posted in Disabling form fields

Awesome! Thank you for the power and flexibility you have provided!

Posted in How to filter a List Controller

trollkotze said:

I think the best way at the moment would be for those people who already committed...

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