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Hi, thanks for your plugin. I've installed it in october 2, saving a post I get this error:

Posted in Unknown column 'ratmd_bloghub_meta_temp' in 'field list'

lucas.sanner54070 said:

if (!$listWidget->getController() instanceof \RainLab\User\Controllers\User...

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From following the demo installation instructions here

I receive ...

Posted in missing class error

you have to delete the line: 9 (type: relation) in the file models/maps/columns.yaml as described in...

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noxioustoo34847 said:

If you use Builder then to set page title as post title you should do this:


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Thank you! Could you please announce the new version here? do you have any idea about timing?

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Hi, I'd like to buy your theme. I visited the live demo site. I registered, I ordered a product, but...

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This worked for me:

use Twig\Extra\Intl\IntlExtension;
use Event;

class Plugin extends PluginBase

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demo site cannot be reached

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At this point:


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