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Hi there,

thanks for info.

This helps me! I will design the site without ML feature and implement it...

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First of all, Tailor is such a great thing. Amazing. I usually work with Processwire but Tail...

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Hello everyone,

am I missing something, but I cannot find the command to update a plugin that change...

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How to use the code editor (richeditor in staticpages) if I have UIkit 3 Framework markup?


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I would be great to have it like GravCMS. They define the translation in the langagues.yaml. See her...

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Hello everyone! As I didn't find any solution for this, I decided to post here a new topic. It is po...

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Hello everyone!

I wanted to upload a theme updated for the marketplace.

But i got following error:


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Hello everyone!

I wanna build a theme settings, where a user can set the style of the Header of the ...

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Hello! I think I have found the error.

you have this code in your models/sitemap.php

protected funct...

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Hello! Thank you for your plugin!!! The only thing is, that my sitemap.xml has not markup. I cant fi...

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