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I'm having the same issue. I want to upgrade existing projects to V2, but the ones with the JKShop p...

Posted in JKshop not work with October v2.0 and v1.6.

I had the same problem, this plugin does not create a "guest user", I get the same error. The order ...

Posted in Customers and Orders

Thanks for the reply!

Posted in Possible to be triggered by a cron job?

Thank you for creating this plugin! It is very useful.

Is it possible to trigger a "cleaning session...

Posted in Possible to be triggered by a cron job?

If I use a multi-level categorie the root level items respect the "show_in_menu" option, options bel...

Posted in show_in_menu toggle not working for submenus in Categories

This one would be very helpful for me as well.. I'm looking for a workaround but it seems I would ha...

Posted in Sell to professionnals

  1. Excellent! I have found around this by extending your plugin, but a native solution would be best ...

Posted in category and quantity discounts

First of: Great plugin!!! This the plugin I keep buying for almost all new projects. Ik keep buying ...

Posted in Export archive to csv

First: Great work on this excellent plugin!!

I have 2 questions:

  1. There is an option 'Sales' to giv...

Posted in category and quantity discounts

Looked like the plugin I could use for a project. Unfortunately its not installing

Posted in Looks promising, but is not working..