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Hello from the future! I have this problem with an Image field. Somebody out there with a tip...?

Posted in a widget with class name 'dashboardFiles' has not been bound to the controller

Same problem here. Good idea, but is not working!

Posted in Duplicate form is empty...

No, never, I just lived with it. The files are created so I just hit F5 if I get the error. And now ...

Posted in Developer question about creating new content files from code

This plugin only allows to edit simple texts, the same texts that you can edit via backend -> transl...

Posted in custom actions?

I don't really understand what do you mean, where do you need to add a column?

Posted in custom actions?

Jiri Kubak said:

generally, you can add this way - you can create one new property called for examp...

Posted in Feature Request - Adding inventory per Property

I think product properties should be combinable. I mean:

  • Tshirt that can have color Black or White ...

Posted in Feature Request - Adding inventory per Property

dbelliot said:

There is a place to choose which tables you want to be translatable! [...] just add ...

Posted in product slugs translatables

Yes I also think slugs should be translatable! It's impossible to have a good SEO in a multilanguage...

Posted in product slugs translatables

If a sale price is given ... the normal price can be displayed as striped (theme feature) and the s...

Posted in Sale option: add field for "normal not sale price"