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Reply to me, just add : public $implement = ['@RainLab.Translate.Behaviors.TranslatableModel']; and ...

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Hi, do you plan the translatable compatibility ? Thanks.

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Hi, is it normal that related portfolio order in backend are not the same in frontend ? Maybe an opt...

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Hi, Is it possible to have relation between two fields ? Like two date fields, when the first date i...

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Ok, thank you.

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Hi, is it possible to add multiple button on the same page or add text input for the amount value ? ...

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Hello, You have to create a simple plugin. Just the file Plugin.php with this code :

class Plugin ex...

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Hi, Is it possible to change the format of start and end time in the backend ? With european 24h ? T...

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Hi, I have a CMS page that load external content so I don't want the content of my SEO fields. What ...

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Thanks ! I will test soon.

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