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I have followed the instruction.

Now the error i encounter is "You cannot edit posts or make replie...

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I encountered this error after applying your code:

Class 'RainLab\Forum\Components\Request' not fou...

Posted in embed forum for problog comment

Hi i received this error when posting comment after updating the plugins.

Undefined variable: string...

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Hi how can i have it to update sitemap.xml automatically when a new blog post is published?


Posted in Automatically update sitemap.xml

Hi, may i know how to get the seo optimizer working? I have inserted the alchemy api key but there w...

Posted in SEO Optimizer is not working

Hi i would like to add name textbox in subscribe form. how can i do it?


Posted in How to add nam field in subscribe form?

Hi, any possible way to print the slug value into the page? {{ slug_value }}

Posted in Getting slug value

Hi, is it possible for to create a new design layout for blog list? i want to maintain the current d...

Posted in New design layout for blog list

Hi Chad, is there a way to get the :slug value from url even if :filter does not exist? if not can p...

Posted in Display :filter and :slug value in the page

Hi Chad, problem solved. thanks.

Posted in Unable to show :filter/:slug url of categories and tags in component proBlogCategories and component proBlogTags respectively