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I sincerely apologize to all here. I had this error today and found it was a bug in my BlogProtect P...

Posted in List column type "relation" could not be found.

There is not a preview function but you can accomplish something close to it by creating a "preview"...

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Try changing:



 $user->groups()->add($group); // no s

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At this time the plugin does not support the added feature of tagging.

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Sorry about that. I did not realize that I had test updates enabled on this plugin which requires a...

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This sounds almost exactly what I have setup on my site.

We have a Fire Fighters Union site where th...

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I have uploaded the theme pages I use for this to GitHub. https://github.com/firemankurt/BlogProtec...

Posted in Can't make it works. Every user can access "protected" blog post even not logged users.

Fixed. Update to : 1.0.3 - Update to jquery 3.x Fixes Jquery onload error.

Edit - This fixed part o...

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OK... I had a few minutes to test this a little.

It works with jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js on one o...

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That should not be the case. Sorry that I will not be able to work on this for a week or so.

I will...

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