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vanchuck said:

Thanks for the reply Crazymodder! You set me on the right path for sure. I managed t...

Posted in Reordering items in a Relation

is it supports date or month or year instead of slug

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daftspunk said:

In Twig:

<a class="btn btn-danger btn-lg" href="{{ item.myfiles.first.path }}">

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how to show that photo at frontend .i did all of that show in http://watch-learn.com/video-tutorials...

Posted in How to Save Media Finder image path to Database? [resolved]

BUILDERLIST: {% set records = builderList.records %} {% set displayColumn = builderList.displayColum...

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how to store all data in database comes from Input::all()

Posted in [SOLVED] input() or Input::all() on radiobutton