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Yes, because the output should have been without variables. Excellent.

Posted in Styles css does not load

Just do the following: Copy the full url of the CSS and paste it in the browser, see what you get. I...

Posted in Styles css does not load

Seems you are not doing good the import, please post how you importing it, you probably not using th...

Posted in Styles css does not load

You must define its assetVar: 'ancent-color' in the fields.

For me its working, problem I'm having i...

Posted in assetVar from Theme Settings not working

Yes, i don't know why, but i created the first property, even knowing the category its required the ...

Posted in Created property with no category and got a crash

Add this:

window.$ = window.jQuery = require('jquery');

to your script input file


Posted in Webpack and OctoberCMS. Framework fails to detect jQuery even though it's been loaded.