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Installing OctoberCMS on localhost is just like installing anywhere, assuming you have already setup...

Posted in How install OctoberCMS on Localhost?

There are several plugins for galleries that may help you with this.

Posted in Insert multiple images at once in page/post

php artisan october:update should do what you're asking for.

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Sounds like this plugin is failing to update. Check your updates/version.yaml and the migration crea...

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See https://github.com/scottbedard/oc-debugbar-plugin/issues/6

Posted in Unexpected T_CLASS error

Relevant image

Posted in [HOWTO] watch the system.log file with PhpStorm (Windows)

I was annoyed that I had to open the system.log file every time something went wrong, so I setup a f...

Posted in [HOWTO] watch the system.log file with PhpStorm (Windows)

In your Plugin.php file add the code below. If you need something more advanced you can write a comp...

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@mario.basic1089 Twig is a sandboxed language. You must pass it all the data/objects you want it to ...

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View the stack trace to see what class through the exception, work from there.

Posted in [HOWTO] Create two models on a single form. (A guide to proxy fields)