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Hi I just installed the plugin to add a textfield to a CMS page. When saving the page with content i...

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Hi I just purchased your plugin. Now I want to let the logged in user update his fields. But nothing...

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Thanks Kurt. That will definitly help.

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Hi. Is it possible to get a working example of this? Maybe sent in a zipfile?

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Hi Luke What if I don't have that permissions?

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When I saw that categories were added I thought that that made the possibilkitie to send only to cer...

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We had this error as well, and found that the restricted admin needs permission for Media for being ...

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Hi all,

I am developing a website using OctoberCMS, and ran into a problem when using a morphOne rel...

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Wow! Thanks very mutch.

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Will a testmail feature be added to this plugin? I think it will be very usefull. I saw in the chang...

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