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Hi, that is fixed in the latest update. See https://github.com/octobercms/october/issues/5529

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Fixed in version 2.0.2

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I made a little mistake in the documentation, you have to add use \Jacob\Logbook\Traits\LogChang...

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I didn't know it existed (Lol), but my plugin gives more customisation than the default trait. You c...

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Hi Dave,

Eloquent converts .0 to an integer. To prevent this from happening add the following to you...

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You have to use the trait in the class. So add it after \October\Rain\Database\SoftDeletes in...

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Hello Robin,

I added the report widget and the undo button in version 1.0.3. You can enable and disa...

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Hello Robin,

Glad to hear that you like the plugin! The report widget and undo button sound like a g...

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