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following the example from I...

Posted in Component external property values from an array?

@cy35954 Yes, using the markup as yours. But not running scripts via Laravel Mix, but with the defau...

Posted in Using Theme Combiner variables in SCSS

@cy35954 For me it works. Use the assetVar: 'brand-primary' in the fields.yaml and the $brand-primar...

Posted in Using Theme Combiner variables in SCSS

2 years passed... Is this still not available?

Regard, Darjan

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In SCSS use the $brand-primary variable and it works.

Posted in Using Theme Combiner variables in SCSS


I'm trying to pass two variables to a component (tag, category) from the url. The goal is to det...

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hmmmm... They don't seem to work on Static Pages. Has anyone figured this out?

I have the same pro...

Posted in Repeater widget inside another Repeater widget (Bug or feature?! )


for me the native PHP call for cookies works:

$cookie_value = $_COOKIE['cookie_name']);

Posted in get native php session or cookie

I can't seem to set seperate locale for different users... ?

I see that users have a locale set in t...

Posted in How to set up different default locales for backend and frontend?


not using any theme from the repository. I've imported my own template design into October.


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