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Hello, I use Translate plugin on my site which I have 3 languages and use force url schema. Is it po...

Posted in translate plugin default language url without language prefix

hello, is possible use this libary in octobercms? thank yo...

Posted in laravel-shopify libary

Hello, please did you solve how to translate custom validation messages? thank you

Posted in Translate magic forms

hello, did you solve that?

Posted in Static Menu With Image

Hello, I used OFFLINE Site search for my custom plugin. My plugin Have 2 models Articles and Tags. ...

Posted in Sitesearch releated model in result

hi, is there way how to get image thumbnail path in API?

Posted in Api generator plugin

Hi all, Can anybody advise me the easest way how to add custom button in my plugin which generate ra...

Posted in Add custom button to plugin

Hi, is it possible in blog detail have link to prev & next article?

Posted in Rainlab blog link in blog detail to prev & next article

Hi, working this plugin also with ProBlog?

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