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When logging in with Google the avatar is not updated for the user, is there any option to get the a...

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Flynsarmy said:

Does your facebook account not have your email address set? I'm thinking this would...

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Having the same problem with the same build. Happens every time I try to run an Artisan CLI command....

Posted in Class 'Illuminate\Foundation\Providers\PublisherServiceProvider' not found

Thank you, I am waiting for the update

Posted in Any way to export the profile code?

I want to use an external mailing list service (like Mailchimp) and I am required to add an unsubscr...

Posted in Any way to export the profile code?

I want to override the categoryFilter property of the blog component on page load, but nothing I do ...

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Anyone found a solution for this yet, or can recommend other means of translating the blog?

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Yes, exactly what I need, thank you very much :)

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I have a form widget that displays data about specific model when you edit it and visible only on th...

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I'm learning Laravel and october as I go, and now I'm tackled with the following problem: I have a r...

Posted in Handling backend menu for a model with multiple related models