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You can using: php artisan plugin:rollback {plugin name} {version}

Posted in How to october:down to a version of a plugin?

But what if I have a one-to-one relationship and just want to add a set of fields (subform for the r...

Posted in [HOWTO] How to put a (sub)form to manage a relationship in a backend form


Posted in Backend Forms: put fields in blocks to control wrapping

Although this method works it wont find the result of the function when you search.

Posted in Get List value from function

2 years later I face the same issue! Has this issue been addressed in later versions of october?

Posted in Relation Controller. Access parent model from new related model.

I know its an old thread but if someone knows how to do this please comment, I would like to know ho...

Posted in [Question] Custom presets

I want to enable backend users to either drag the map and set a location by clicking or directly mod...

Posted in Is it possible to update another field on change?