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Hi. I have a problem. When try to create page with events list, get an error:

Undefined offset: 1 /h...

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No, it's not fixed in Build 376.

Posted in New custom list type causes error

alxy said:

Use a partial rather than a simple text column. The text column treets the content as te...

Posted in Pivot value not showing

Although, this is an old topic. I have the same problem. Is there any solution?

Posted in Pivot value not showing

Hello! I'm using RJ Slider with Bootstrap 3. Is there a way to add captions on slide?

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Does this plugin support Ical import/export?

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Whysimplify if i can complicate ;) Yes it's better and easy options. Thanks!

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Hi. I use this query for display latest three published posts:

use Radiantweb\Problog\Models\Post;

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joelesvensson said:

It seems like data-trigger-type has been renamed to data-trigger-action After r...

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Is this bug fixed with latest update? Because, i still can't delete post or duplicate it.

Posted in Latest build of October broke the plugin