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Does your user account have right permissions?

Posted in No back-end menu tab

There is no direct sync feature for RainLab Blog, but the plugin supports the import. The New...

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Thank you for report this error. I fixed it. Please update the plugin!

Posted in had an error after the update of plugin: Trying to get property 'name' of non-object

Thank you for report these errors. I fixed them. Please update the plugin!

Posted in I countered 3 errors that needs to be addressed

Documentation for extend the forms: Wor...

Posted in Add Custom Fields

For now there is no implemented export feature.

Posted in How to export email from this plugin?

Hi, Please write examples. Thank you!

Posted in Not works anymore (build 464)

Demo site:

Posted in Any Demo page for this plugin?

Unfortunately, the Content Plus plugin can't use the newsletter feature of News & Newsletter plugin ...

Posted in Is it usable with Content Plus?

Page Builder plugin has arrived:

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